Washington County Receives Grants for Schools

November 27, 2007

Washington County Receives Grants for Schools 
Both Johnson City Schools and Washington County Schools to Benefit

Nashville, Tenn. Sen. Rusty Crowe (R-Johnson City) along with the Department of Education announced today that both Washington County Schools and Johnson City Schools will benefit from state grants.

“This is great news for our schools,” said Crowe. “I know that both school systems will make sure that these funds go a long way to help our children.”

Washington County Schools will be receiving $39,800 in state funds, while the Johnson City School System will get $31,200 from the state.

The Safe Schools Act 1998 makes state funds available for the enhancement of safety in Tennessee schools. Earlier this year the General Assembly appropriated $4.84 million for the program this school year.

“As a parent,” continued Crowe, “I understand the importance of school safety.  We have do everything in our ability to ensure that our children our safe.”


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