Statement from Senator Mae Beavers regarding decision by Governor Haslam on state-based insurance exchanges

 (NASHVILLE, TN), December 10, 2012  — “I applaud Governor Haslam for his decision not to set up a state-based insurance exchange.  It is the right decision for the citizens of Tennessee.”

“Tennessee now joins a growing list of states that have rejected this federal overreach, a move which I hope sends a strong message to Washington!  The federal law is very poorly written and gives far too much leeway for the Obama administration to change the rules down the road.  As Governor Haslam illustrated in his letter, we are already seeing evidence that this is exactly what will happen.  I hope to see other states join with Tennessee as we approach the December 14 deadline.” 


Sen. Beavers and Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver were the sponsors of the Tennessee Health Freedom Act, which became law in 2011.  The Act states that it is the policy of this state that no government agency or official can force a Tennessee citizen to relinquish their right to choose their own mode of securing, or not securing, health care services or insurance.  The Health Freedom Act was signed by Gov. Haslam in one of his first ceremonial bill signings after becoming governor.

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