Statement from Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris regarding Commissioner of Education’s letter to local school systems

 “I am pleased that the Commissioner of Education shares my concerns, and those of many Shelby County and Memphis City residents, regarding the attempt to transfer the administration of the Memphis City Schools to the Shelby County Board of Education without proper planning.” 

“The Commissioner not only outlined his duty under state law as it relates to the transfer of teachers, but also made clear the myriad of other issues which must be addressed when transferring a system of this magnitude.”

 “The bill I am moving forward with tomorrow mandates that we follow the roadmap that is outlined in the Commissioner’s letter (reference 1201-1208). This is the point I have  emphasized since December.  No plan worth executing that will achieve positive results for educating all of our children can possibly be written or formulated by Feb. 15 or March 1.  People are choosing to ignore the law.  My legislation will call for a county wide, single majority vote.”



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