Senator Tracy’s 911 bill receives final Senate approval

(NASHVILLE, TN), April 21, 2011 — The full Senate voted today to approve legislation requiring permission from the person whose voice is recorded on a 911 before the transmission can be broadcast to the public.   Senate Bill 1665, sponsored by Senator Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville), clarifies that all calls and tapes will remain public record.  The bill just requires that any broadcast or publication of a call is prohibited without written consent of the caller whose voice is recorded, or their designated representative or legal guardian. 

“This does keep a public record but does keep the calls private for republication unless the caller gives the right to do so,” said Senator Tracy.  “This is a matter of personal privacy, dignity and public safety.”

The bill does not apply to court orders or subpoenas regarding 911 calls.  The proposal is pending action in the House Calendar in Rules Committee in the House of Representatives, the last step in the committee process before a final floor vote is taken. 



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