Senator McNally warns citizens of area telephone scam

NASHVILLE – State Senator Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) is once again warning area residents to be on the lookout for scam attacks. The latest attack is a phone scam which targets taxpayers who are told they owe money to the United States Treasury which must be paid promptly by giving the caller bank account information.

“I received one of these calls at my own home and was very concerned that there would be citizens who would take action to comply with their directions,” said Senator McNally. “This is not the way that the U.S. Treasury or Internal Revenue Service works. Whenever the caller claims to be from the government and asks for bank information, credit card numbers, or requests a pre-paid debit card or wire transfer, you should be the very wary that this is a scam.”

Last month, McNally warned citizens about email phishing scams after receiving information that unscrupulous operators were working in the area. He said that holidays are particularly targeted for such scams, including lotteries which are the most common types of fraudulent practices which hit email inboxes.

“Notices about supposedly undeliverable shipments from parcel delivery companies are an effective lure for phishing schemes, especially around Christmas,” McNally continued. “With the holiday season approaching, citizens need to be mindful that con artists are using technology to imitate legitimate companies in order to get victims to remit a fee and to compromise their credit information.”

“It is hard to believe that these scammers and con artists can live with themselves after fraudulently taking the hard-earned money of others. I hope that everyone will be on notice and be careful not to be taken advantage of by these scoundrels.”

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