Sen. Roberts among key officials nationwide seeking solutions to help citizens on welfare go back to work

NASHVILLE  —  State Senator Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield) met with key federal officials and other state policymakers who support Medicaid work requirements in Washington, D.C. in an effort to find solutions to end government dependency.  Roberts was among a select group nationwide that attended a Foundation of Government Accountability (FGA) meeting on Medicaid Work Requirements held March 8-9.

FGA is a non-profit organization that seeks to maximize human potential through the power and dignity of work.

The purpose of the meeting was to help find solutions to move millions of people off welfare by promoting work. During the visit, Roberts and other state policymakers had the opportunity to meet with key officials and executive branch staff members to discuss reforms that will lift Tennessee’s citizens out of dependency, including Medicaid work requirements.

“Senator Roberts has been advancing solutions that will move thousands of people from welfare to work in Tennessee, and this opportunity to meet with key officials in Washington, D.C. was a reflection of that hard work. Medicaid work requirements will free able-bodied adults from welfare and re-prioritize the truly needy in Tennessee,” said Christie Herrera, FGA Vice President of Federal Affairs. “Together, with policymakers across the nation and federal leaders, we will continue to promote the power of work and end dependency.”



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