Sen. Ketron speaks on panel at Better Health Better Learning Summit

Dr. Shirley Holt-Hale, Chris Sanders, Senator Bill Ketron and Caroline Young

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – State Senator Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro) spoke today to educators, administrators and stakeholders from across the state at the Better Health Better Learning summit hosted by Tennessee Score and Nashville Health. The conversation focused on the intersection between legislation and community involvement in reforming education to encourage healthier habits among students.

Ketron is sponsoring the Tom Cronan Physical Education Act when the legislature convenes in January. If passed, the act will require all public elementary school students to participate in a physical education class at least two times a week.

“Physical education is about more than just getting our students to move, it’s about learning the foundations of health that will carry our students on to a healthy life,” said Ketron. “You can be the best artist, you can be the best musician, you can be the best brain surgeon, but if you don’t have your health later in life, it means nothing.”

Aside from Ketron, the panel consisted of former Tennessee Titans football player Chris Sanders, retired physical education instructor Dr. Shirley Holt-Hale and Executive Director of Nashville Health Caroline Young as moderator.

“It’s almost impossible for people my age to change their habits, but children can have a huge effect on their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles,” said Ketron. “If we educate the children, they have the opportunity to tell their families to quit smoking and start eating right. By understanding healthy living, children have the opportunity to change the culture and make Tennessee healthier for generations to come.”


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