Sen. Kelsey and Rep. Eldridge file legislation to protect Army and Air National Guardsmen

NASHVILLE — State Senator Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) and Representative Jimmy Eldridge (R-Jackson) today filed legislation to protect National Guard reservists from losing their jobs in connection with their service. State law currently provides protection for residents who take a leave of absence in accordance with orders from the Tennessee Army and Air National Guard; however the protections are not provided to reservists who work here but serve in another state’s reserves. Senate Bill 1444 extends the protection to members of the Army or Air National Guard of any other state.

“As we honor our servicemen and women on Veterans Day, we must make military service easier for them upon returning home,” said Senator Kelsey. “Our guardsmen already sacrifice enough. Let’s help them keep their jobs when called to serve.”

“Our reservists are a critical element of the nation’s total military force,” added Representative Eldridge. “Reserve and National Guard units are deployed around the world to support the active forces in missions that range from peacekeeping to major wars. Job protection is an important factor in recruiting and keeping these men and women in service. More than that, it is simply the right thing to do for those who protect this nation.”

The legislation will be considered when the General Assembly returns to Nashville in January.


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