Sen. Bailey and Rep. Keisling call for “Tri-Star General” recognition to honor individuals for outstanding public service work

NASHVILLE – State Senator Paul Bailey (R-Sparta) and Representative Kelly Keisling (R-Byrdstown) said today they are introducing legislation that would name distinguished individuals who have a record of outstanding service to their state or local community as “Tri-Star Generals.” The honorary status would be commissioned by the governor in appreciation for the highest level of service work done by individuals involved in volunteer work, service work or leadership roles.

“Tennessee is truly the Volunteer State and there are many outstanding citizens who spend their lives in service to the people of this state and this nation with little recognition for their efforts,” said Senator Bailey. “This will allow recognition for those who go the distance in helping improve the quality of life for our citizens or others around the world.”

Under Senate Bill 1458 / House Bill 1457, nominations for recognition as a Tri-Star General may be submitted to the governor by members of the General Assembly. The governor would then award a certificate to those individuals chosen to be recognized with the honorary title.

“Other states have similar programs, but we wanted this one to be especially tailored for Tennessee in order to bestow the state’s highest honor on those whose service shines as a beacon for others to follow,” added Representative Keisling. “It is our hope that this recognition will spur others to live their lives in service to others.”

Senator Bailey represents Cumberland, Jackson, Overton, Bledsoe, Putnam, and White Counties in Senate District 15, while Representative Keisling represents Macon, Clay, Pickett, Scott, and part of Fentress Counties in District 38 in the House of Representatives. The General Assembly is set to reconvene on January 12.


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