Republican Leaders announce plans to open up process for selecting state’s constitutional officers

November 18, 2008

Republican Leaders announce plans to open up process for
selecting state’s constitutional officers

(NASHVILLE, TN), November 18, 2008 — Tennessee’s Senate and House Republican leaders today announced plans to open up the process for selecting the state’s constitutional officers to the public. Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris (R-Collierville) and House Majority Leader Jason Mumpower (R-Bristol) said there will be a thorough review of applicants for Tennessee’s Secretary of State, Treasurer and Comptroller that will be transparent to citizens.

“This new process will help create a level playing field and more transparency in selecting these important state officials for what has long been a closed-door system of selecting political insiders, “said Leader Norris.  “It also is a business-like approach which should help in selecting the most qualified candidates to move this state forward.”

“We are honored and humbled that the voters of Tennessee have trusted Republicans to hold a constitutional majority in selecting these officers, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” said Leader Mumpower.  “Tennessee voters asked for change and they are ready for transparency and accountability in government.  A new day has dawned on our state and our opening up this process of selecting Tennessee’s constitutional officers is the first step in bringing about a positive change in state government.”

The leaders said information regarding the duties of the office, as well as application forms, will be posted on both the House and Senate Republican Caucus websites.  Applications will be collected and reviewed by an eight-member nominating committee selected from members of each Caucus who will narrow the search to up to three applicants per position.  The next step in the process will be an interview with members of that panel before going to lawmakers for a vote.

“By posting these positions, we hope to reach out to a broader talent pool,” Norris added.  “At the same time, the state faces rough economic times.  We will be gathering a lot of information regarding those who apply to make sure these candidates are well-vetted and have the best qualifications for the job.”

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