Representative Jay Reedy, Senator Mike Bell Form Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus

(NASHVILLE) — This week, State Representative Jay Reedy (R-Erin) and State Senator Mike Bell (R-Riceville) announced the formation of a new group within the General Assembly — the Tennessee Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus, a member-state of the bipartisan National Assembly of Sportsmen’s Caucuses (NASC).

Developed by the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation in 2004, the NASC is the only nationwide program uniting legislators interested in protecting and advancing their state’s rich traditions of hunting, angling, recreational shooting, and trapping.

The Tennessee Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus is a bipartisan and bicameral Caucus with a mission of:

• Protecting and advancing the rights of Tennessee’s citizens to hunt, fish, and pursue outdoor activities;
• Ensuring that Tennessee’s sportsmen and women have reasonable access to public lands to enjoy outdoor pursuits;
• Protecting the investment of sportsmen and women in wildlife and fisheries management by safeguarding the integrity of the American System of Conservation Funding;
• Supporting efforts to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife habitat; and
• Recognizing the importance of hunting, angling and other outdoor activities to our state’s and nation’s economy and support the maintenance and growth of outdoor related industries and activities.

“We hope our colleagues will join us in this important endeavor to protect and advance these great traditions and support professional fish and wildlife management,” said Representative Reedy. “Hunting, fishing, shooting, trapping, and all of our outdoor recreational activities are truly a way of life here in Tennessee. Let’s do all we can to protect these traditions for future generations.”

Senator Bell continued, “In addition to protecting fishing and hunting for future generations of Tennesseans to enjoy, the almost 1 million hunters and anglers in our state spend about $2.9 billion annually and support over 27,000 jobs. They are a very important part of our economy. I am very encouraged about the feedback we have already received about this Caucus and look forward to working with Rep. Reedy and other colleagues to support our sportsmen and women in this state.”


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