Overbey pushes legislation calling for a longer waiting time before DUI offenders can receive driving privileges

(NASHVILLE, TN), March 18, 2011 — Legislation sponsored by Senator Doug Overbey (R-Maryville) to increase the time that multiple DUI offenders must wait before being allowed to receive a driver’s license is progressing in the Tennessee State Senate.  The legislation increases from three to five years the minimum time period a driver’s license may be revoked for a third DUI offense. It increases from six to eight years the minimum time period a driver license may be revoked for a fourth or subsequent offense.

 “I am very pleased this bill is progressing,” said Senator Overbey.  “Multiple offenders must understand that there will be more severe consequences to their actions in addition to stiffer fines and longer jail time.  This bill adds more time onto the waiting period before these offenders can receive any driving privileges in Tennessee.”

 Overbey won approval of the bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and it is now pending a hearing in the Finance, Ways and Means Committee.  The bill is sponsored by Representative Richard Montgomery (R-Sevierville) in the House of Representatives.

 There are 54,081 third time DUI offenders in Tennessee. Alcohol-related fatalities represent 31 percent of the state’s traffic fatalities according to the latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.



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