Office of the Repealer’ Bill Officially Signed Into Law

Legislation will repeal outdated laws, cut size of state government

(NASHVILLE) – State Representative Glen Casada (R–Franklin), State Senator Jack Johnson (R–Franklin), and Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey (R–Blountville) today announced that new legislation aimed at cutting the size of Tennessee state government has officially been signed into law and is now in effect as of July 1, 2013. The initiative, referred to as the Office of the Repealer, follows through on a Republican promise to streamline government, save taxpayer dollars, and make the legislative process more transparent to the general public.


The Office of the Repealer will function with the sole responsibility of making recommendations to the legislature in areas of government waste, duplication, and out-of-date regulations that should be removed from the law books. In addition, the Repealer will take recommendations directly from the public, basing its decisions on input received from business-owners, educators, activists, and concerned citizens from across the state.


“While Washington is out of control, Tennessee is getting it right. We understand that the fewer laws we have on the books that regulate the lives of Tennesseans, the better,” said State Representative Glen Casada. “While others around the country have simply talked about cutting the size of government, this program is guaranteed to achieve that goal.”


The Office of the Repealer will be housed under the legislature’s Division of Legal Services and will be implemented at no cost to Tennessee taxpayers.


“Reducing the size of government is the cornerstone of the Republican Party platform and I am excited to see this program come to life,” continued Senator Jack Johnson. “As promised, Republicans in our state are committed to cutting government waste, increasing legislative transparency, and putting more hard-earned money back in the pockets of all Tennesseans.”


Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey concluded, “I’m proud to serve in a legislature where success is measured not by how many new laws are passed, but by the amount of burdensome rules and regulations that are repealed and abolished. The Office of the Repealer is an outstanding tool in the fight against bureaucratic red tape and big government. I look forward to working with the Office of the Repealer personally and encourage citizens to contact the office with examples of unnecessary laws we can eliminate.”


Glen Casada serves as Chairman of the Tennessee House Republican Caucus. Jack Johnson serves as Chairman of the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. Both legislators represent Williamson County in the Tennessee General Assembly.


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