NRA gives Senator McNally an A plus for protecting Second Amendment Rights

 (NASHVILLE, TN), September 28, 2010  — The National Rifle Association (NRA) today announced that local State Senator Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) has earned an “A plus” rating for being a “continuous advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.”  The announcement came as the Second Amendment Right’s group evaluated incumbent legislators and candidates for the Tennessee General Assembly statewide and made their recommendations for election. 

     “On behalf of the members of the National Rifle Association, I am pleased to announce your NRA ‘A plus’ rating and endorsement for the 2010 Tennessee General election,” said Heidi Keesling, NRA’s Tennessee State Liaison in a letter of endorsement.  “This is a reflection of your record on promoting and supporting Second Amendment legislation while serving in the Tennessee Legislature.”

     “I am pleased to have the support of the members of the National Rifle Association as I fully support the right to bear arms and appreciate their confidence in my past voting record,” said Senator McNally.  “I will continue to fight for the rights and individual liberties of the citizens of this state.”

     McNally serves as Chairman of Senate Finance Ways and Means Committee, Vice Chairman of the Rules Committee and Vice Chairman of Council on the Pensions and Insurance Committee.  He is also a member of the NRA and as a youth received an expert marksman and sharp shooter medal.


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