National conservative organizations spotlight Sen. Jackson as their “Legislator of the Week”

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) –  The American Legislative Exchange Council, America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators, and Freedom Works, a national organization which promotes free markets and individual liberty, has named Senator Ed Jackson (R-Jackson) their State Legislator of the Week.  Each week, ALEC and Freedom Works showcase one lawmaker nationwide who embodies the principles of limited government, free markets, and federalism.


In their article spotlighting Jackson the groups interviewed him on the most challenging issues facing Tennessee.  Jackson listed healthcare and drug addiction as top issues for 2018.


“Over one-third of our state’s budget is all areas of healthcare,” said Sen. Jackson.  “Our state has huge challenges with everything from general health, mental health, health care costs, drug addiction, availability of healthcare in rural areas, the developmentally disabled, and shortages of health care workers. I sit on the Health Committee in the Senate and we have a great and challenging agenda before us in 2018.”


Jackson said he is most proud of his work as Chairman of the Corrections Subcommittee.  He said the position of chairman also presents one of his biggest challenges as a state lawmaker.  Tennessee has 15 state prisons located across the state. Eleven of those facilities are operated by the Department of Corrections and four are privately managed.  The committee oversees the budget and legislation regarding them as well as local jails.


“We have a great deal of work and improvements that need to take place in our state,” added Jackson.  “The corrections budget is the fifth largest line item in our budget at one billion dollars. We are looking at what other states are doing to make improvements and are meeting regularly with corrections, judicial and law enforcement to see what is working best across our state.”



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