McNally receives award from TBI

(NASHVILLE, TN), July 2, 2012  — State Senator Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) was recently recognized by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for his work on several new laws cracking down on crime in Tennessee.  McNally received the award in appreciation
of his assistance to the TBI at the agency’s headquarters in Nashville.


As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, McNally has pushed for passage of legislation to curb meth in Tennessee and clean up meth labs.  He has also sponsored legislation addressing prescription drug abuse, including a bill to give hospitals more information
about any potential for abuse by their own employees. 


McNally also sponsored legislation called the Kelsey Smith Act to help law enforcement in locating a missing person believed to be the victim of a crime.  The new law requires wireless providers to “ping” the victim’s cell phone at the request of law enforcement
authorities to help locate the missing person when there is sufficient information to believe there is a risk or threat of death or serious physical harm.  In addition, he sponsored legislation passed this year to offset costs to the TBI regarding expungement
requests so the agency’s resources could be focused on fighting crime.


Last year McNally sponsored legislation to enact what is known as the “common sense” or “good faith exception” to the “exclusionary rule” regarding suppression of evidence in violation to the fourth amendment or unreasonable search and seizure.  The new
law allows a judge to give a jury access to evidence or facts obtained as a result of a search or seizure which contains a minor technical error.



In accepting the award, McNally praised the work of the TBI staff.  "This is certainly an honor.  I have tremendous respect for our TBI agents and staff in working to keep Tennessee safe.   It has been an honor to work with them over and I look forward to
continuing our efforts to reduce crime, curb drug abuse, and make Tennessee a safer place to live.”

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