Local Legislators announce state funds for Williamson County

October 8, 2008

Local Legislators announce state funds for Williamson County

            (NASHVILLE, TN), October 9, 2008Local State Senator Jack Johnson and Representatives Glen Casada, Charles Sargent, and Phillip Johnson today announced that during fiscal year 2008-2009 Williamson County will receive approximately $304,622,400 of state appropriations.  The County will also receive a portion of the $9.5 billion of federal funds included in Tennessee’s $27.7 billion budget as adopted by the 105th General Assembly.

            “I am very pleased that Williamson County has received an increase in funds this year, when most Tennessee counties saw decreases in their state appropriations,” said Senator Johnson.  “We continued to see an increase in money going to K-12 education, and transportation needs which will keep our county moving forward.”

K-12 education funds increased from $92,072,000 from the 2007-2008 to $99,292,700 in the 2008-2009 fiscal year, while transportation money increased from $1,800,100 to $139,830,600.  State tax collections were also up slightly from $26,277,800 to $26,803,400.  Overall, state appropriations to Williamson County increased from $161,613,800 for the fiscal 2007-2008 to $304,622,400 for the 2008-2009 year that started on July 1.  The funds represent a doubling, or $154 million increase, from two years ago when the county received $150,609,700.

“A large part of the increase in Williamson County’s appropriations is due to the continued work being done on State Route 840, a project I’m delighted is included. I’m glad the project is moving forward and I look forward to its completion,” said Rep. Casada.

“I am very pleased that Williamson County’s share of state dollars has grown substantially, even in the slowing economy,” Rep. Sargent added.  “I will continue to work hard to make sure Williamson County receives its fair share of state funds in the next General Assembly.”


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