Legislation helps children in state custody with post-adoption services

April 17, 2009

Legislation helps children in state custody with
post-adoption services

(NASHVILLE, TN), April 17, 2009 — Legislation that aims to improve Tennessee’s success rate in adopting children who were previously in state custody has received the unanimous vote of the State Senate.  The bill, which is sponsored by Senator Doug Overbey (R-Maryville), clarifies state law to provide post-adoption services for child welfare adoptions.

The bill, SB 1702, applies to adoptions when children have been taken into state custody for being unruly or delinquent and parental rights from the biological parents have been terminated.  Overbey said these are some of the most difficult adoption placements for the Department of Children’s Services. However, the rate of success improves if post-adoption services are offered.

“Tennessee beats the national average on child adoption placements and we want to see that our success rate improves,” said Senator Doug Overbey (R-Maryville), sponsor of the bill.  “These services are proven to help in providing a healthier atmosphere for both the child and adoptive parents.”

A few of the services include crisis intervention, family and individual counseling, support groups for parents and children, case management services, and networking of families and community providers.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. Joe McCord (R-Maryville), in the House of Representatives, where it is pending action in the House Children and Family Affairs Committee.


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