Crowe / Hill Resolution would send message to Congress to give Tennessee its fair share of road money

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 (NASHVILLE, TN), March 17, 2010 – Congress should act to send Tennesseans their fair share of road money according to a Resolution sponsored by State Senator Rusty Crowe (R-Johnson City) and State Representative Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough) that has received unanimous approval in the Senate Transportation Committee.  The resolution urges Congress to modify a new federal surface transportation law to apportion tax revenues from the Highway Trust Fund to provide that each state receives an amount equal to that which they pay into the Fund on an annual basis.

 “Tennessee motorists have been sending more fuel tax revenues to Washington than we have received for years,” said Rep. Hill.  “This is not acceptable.  Our state, which has been frugal with our revenues, is helping to fund roads in states that have not been prudent with their money.  We don’t need to be building roads in a state out West or up North.”

The resolution, House Joint Resolution 752, asks Congress to repeal the current formula and permit each state to retain all federal fuel taxes it collects from motorists within its borders.  It also asks Washington to allow the states to have responsibility for their own transportation programs

 “Tennesseans know what our transportation needs are,” added Senator Crowe.  “We don’t need Washington to dictate them to us.  Hopefully this resolution will send them a strong message that Tennessee is tired of being shortchanged on our road funds.”  

Tennessee is among two dozen other “donor states” that pay far more fuel taxes into the federal Highway Trust Fund than they receive in return.  Crowe said Congress utilizes a flawed formula, developed in 1956, to determine the amount of federal fuel tax revenues each state receives.                             


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