Yager to take historic official on tour of Roane County’s sites

(NASHVILLE, TN), June 21, 2012 – State Senator Ken Yager (R-Harriman) is set to tour Roane County’s historic sites with E. Patrick McIntyre Jr., Executive Director and State Historic Preservation Officer for the Tennessee Historical Commission.  The countywide tour is set for Friday, June 29.

“I invited Mr. McIntyre to see the many historic sites that Roane County has to offer,” said Senator Yager.  “The state can be of assistance in preserving these historic structures.  I want to make sure he knows how special these sites are to Tennessee’s rich history by viewing them personally.”

The tour will begin at Fort Southwest Point which was a federal frontier outpost.  The fort served as a major point of interaction between the Cherokee and the United States government as well as a way station for early migrants travelling between Knoxville and Nashville.

The group will then travel to the Roane County Courthouse at noon where they will view the famous structure built during the 1854 – 1855 time period by architect Augustus Fisher and designer Frederick B. Guenther. The old courthouse is one of only seven antebellum courthouses remaining in Tennessee.

The next site on the tour is the Temperance Building which was built as the East Tennessee Land Company office but was taken over by American Temperance University.  Incorporated in 1891, Harriman was to be an ideal industrial city, an object lesson for thrift, sobriety, superior intelligence and exalted moral character.

Finally, the last site on the tour is the Abston Garage in Oliver Springs.  From 1922, it was used as a commercial garage, selling and servicing autos and as a bus stop. Capitalizing on the proliferation of the automobile in the 1910s and 1920s, it represents early trends in combined automobile dealerships and service centers.

“All of these historic sites are important to the preservation of our identity in Roane County,” added Yager.  “I want to make Mr. McIntyre and others who are in charge of historic preservation aware of these Roane County treasures so they can be preserved for generations to come.  I am delighted that he is coming and hope that seeing these sites in person will enhance our opportunities as important decisions are made by the Historical Commission.”

Rep. Julia Hurley is expected to join the tour.




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