Susan Cassidy Wilhoit displays magnificent paintings on Capitol Hill

 (NASHVILLE, TN), May 14, 2012 –  Acclaimed Rhea County artist Susan Cassidy Wilhoit’s “Magnificent Fifty Collection” of paintings were recently displayed in the legislative complex on Capitol Hill in Nashville.  State Senator Ken Yager (R-Harriman) said her work was admired by lawmakers and thousands of visitors as it was prominently featured in the halls leading from the Legislative Plaza to the State Capitol Building.  

The collection captures the unique legacy of each state in her renditions of state capitol throughout the U.S.

“We were absolutely delighted that her work was showcased on Capitol Hill,” said Senator Yager.  “It makes it even more special that this nationally renowned artist was from our State Senate district in Rhea County.  Ms. Wilhoit’s work beautifully shows the pride of citizenship that citizens in each of the states have for the structures where democracy lives within its walls.  I know it was admired by all lawmakers, school children and the many guests who toured the Capitol complex during the showing.”

The Magnificent Fifty provides viewers a unique opportunity to compare and contrast the visions of individual states, while emphasizing the shared goals that make the nation strong.  Mrs. Wilhoit has displayed her paintings in numerous state capitols, as well as the U.S. Capitol, including her “Across the Generations” collection of Tennessee scenes which was featured in the Rotunda of the Russell Senate Office Building.  The Tennessee State Legislature honored Mrs. Wilhoit with a Resolution, in January 2000, for the completion of the series commemorating Tennessee’s history through the portrayal of county landmarks.

“It was an honor to view her beautiful work,” added Yager.  “These paintings define what democracy means to this nation 50 times over.”
Susan Cassidy Wilhoit is a studio watercolor artist, living in Dayton and has been painting landscapes, architecture and still life for nearly thirty years. 


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