Statement from Senator John Stevens regarding nomination of Judge Roger Page to the Tennessee Supreme Court

(NASHVILLE, TN), January 7, 2016 — “I congratulate Judge Page and his family,” said Senator John Stevens (R-Huntingdon), an attorney who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee. “This is a monumental day in Tennessee legal history. I’ve known Judge Page for many years. As a young lawyer, I practiced in Judge Page’s courtroom when he was circuit judge for Madison, Henry, and Chester Counties. He is an excellent jurist, an excellent judge, and will serve the citizens of Tennessee well. He is also a man of great integrity who deserves to be confirmed by our General Assembly.”

“This is a historic appointment as it marks the first time in recent history that there will be a majority of Republican appointees on the state’s highest court. It is also the first time that the confirmation process approved by the voters in a constitutional amendment adopted in 2014 will be used ensuring the people’s voice will be heard through their elected representatives moving forward.”

“I cannot tell you how proud I will be to vote to confirm him and sincerely hope that my colleagues will do the same.”

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