Statement from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Brian Kelsey regarding action to move Senate Bill 2566 to General Subcommittee

NASHVILLE — This afternoon the Religious Freedom Act, Senate Bill 2566, was placed in the General Subcommittee, effectively killing it.


Prior that action, Chairman Kelsey made this statement:


“The text of the Religious Freedom Act never allowed a restaurant or hospital to refuse service to anyone. I would never introduce legislation that attempts to limit the civil rights of any Tennessean, whether straight or gay. The bill was designed to protect a pastor, rabbi, or singer from being sued and forced to participate in a same-sex ceremony against their will.”


Last week, Sen. Kelsey withdrew sponsorship of the bill, saying:


“I’ve heard mixed reviews from my constituents on this issue, and while I still believe in protecting the differing religious views of everyone in my district, I have decided not to sponsor this particular piece of legislation.”


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