State Senator Wants Regional Water Authority

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State Senator Wants Regional Water Authority

State Senator Bill Ketron wants to create a regional water authority for the area around the Duck River to deal with drought issues. Over the weekend, Ketron spoke at a sustainability conference at Lipscomb University in Nashville.

The Duck River runs diagonally through Middle Tennessee south of Davidson County, providing water for towns such as Shelbyville, Centerville and Columbia. Senator Ketron says two summers ago, some of the cities in his district ran out of water. The Murfreesboro Republican says the crisis brought to a head by that year’s drought indicates the need for better planning.

“It’s about, number one, survival and taking care of the growth of the future of our population. Without water, we don’t grow. Without water, we don’t survive. If you can’t flush and drink, it’s that serious.”

Ketron says he’d like to use the creation of a regional water authority for the Duck River as a test project to gauge the feasibility of a state-wide version.

Ketron also says that he doesn’t expect to see much change in the way this and other environmental issues are dealt with in the General Assembly, now that his fellow Republicans control both the Senate and the House. He says state legislators have a history of working across party lines on the environment.

By Christine Buttorff

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