State Senate starts legislative session with Tennessee pledge

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –  For the first time in its history, the Tennessee State Senate today recognized and pledged allegiance to the state flag, following the traditional prayer by a the minister of the day and pledge to the American flag.  The action comes as a result of rules adopted by State Senate on Monday which requires the Tennessee pledge for every floor session.

“The Senate is steeped in many rich traditions,” said Senator Mike Bell (R-Riceville).  “The addition of the pledge to the Tennessee flag will certainly serve as a reminder of our rich history and the great future we have before us.”

The pledge was drafted by Lucy Steele Harrison to address LeRoy Reeves’ Tennessee flag, which was first adopted in 1905 by the legislature.   It reads, “Three white stars on a field of blue — God keep them strong and ever true.  It is with pride and love that we Salute the Flag of Tennessee.” 

The three white stars referenced by the pledge stand for Tennessee’s three Grand Divisions—colloquially East, Middle, and West Tennessee—and the red, white, and blue theme pays homage to the national flag’s colors. 


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