Senators Tracy and Ketron announce Energy Efficient School grant for Scales Elementary School

(NASHVILLE, TN), January 20, 2011 — Local State Senators Jim Tracy and Bill Ketron announced today that the Murfreesboro City Schools District has been awarded $31,251 in grant incentive funds from Tennessee’s Energy Efficient Schools Initiative (EESI).  The funds will be used to install an energy efficient HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) at Scales Elementary School.  Tracy and Ketron were leading proponents of the initiative which was put into place in 2008.

“These grants have assisted local governments in meeting increased energy costs, especially during these months when we have extreme weather,” said Senator Tracy.  “Local schools are struggling to make ends meet.  The Energy Efficient School Initiative is a huge help in providing long-term energy efficiencies that will save taxpayers in utility costs for many years to come.” 

EESI has assisted all school districts in Tennessee in becoming more energy efficient and in lowering their operating cost.  The Initiative is also retaining and creating jobs in Tennessee, both in the manufacturing sector in Tennessee as well as equipment vendors, contract labor for equipment installation, local equipment sales, etc.

“I am very pleased that our schools have been able to put into place these cost-saving measures to help with escalating utility costs,” added Ketron.  “It also creates a healthier learning environment for our students.”

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