Senator Yager and Representative Keilsing Announce Energy Grant for Huntsville

(NASHVILLE, TN), December 12, 2011– State Senator Ken Yager (R-Harriman) and Representative Kelly Keisling (R—Byrdstown) announced today that Huntsville will receive $100,000 in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funds.  The county will use the funds for energy efficient HVAC units, lighting, windows, doors, insulation and fire doors at two city buildings. 

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for county budgets to keep up with utility costs,” said Senator Yager.  “With taxpayers funding the cost, it is very important that we utilize energy efficient methods to control them.  I congratulate our local officials for helping to secure these funds.”

Rep. Keisling added, “These grants make our communities more cost-efficient and save taxpayers money in the long term. Without a doubt, they are a smart investment in our community. These buildings serve all of Huntsville and are hubs of business activity for the area. I’m happy to report these projects can now move forward because of this funding.”
The energy efficiency grants enable communities to implement cost-effective strategies which reduce total energy expenses and save taxpayer money through improved energy efficiency in buildings and transportation systems according to the Department of Economic and Community Development.   The grant was received in a competitive process with applications being scored on the local government’s overall conservation strategy, project feasibility, readiness to proceed, community impact, partnerships and the ability to extend funding impact beyond a one-time use.



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