Senator Tracy announces signing of the Teacher Bill of Rights

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Senator Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville) announced the ceremonial signing of Senate Bill 14 which creates a list of rights and protections afforded to Tennessee educators.

“We appreciate our teachers and are grateful for all they do for our communities,” said Senator Tracy, Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate and a member of the Education Committee. “It’s important they are evaluated fairly and empowered in their classrooms”

Before this law, the majority of Tennessee educators were evaluated on a school-wide or system-wide score and were often evaluated by someone who had never taught in their grade, subject or specialty. This law improves the practice of evaluations by ensuring fair, accurate

It has been estimated that on average, teachers spend more than $400 per year on classroom supplies. This law counters that estimate by providing the protection that no teacher would be required to spend personal money to appropriately equip a classroom.

This law gives teachers the right to report student behavior to school officials or other appropriate agencies, defend themselves and their students from physical violence or harm and provide a safe classroom and school.

“Tennessee is the fastest improving state in K-12 academics in the nation, and it’s important that as we recognize this success, we recognize those who made it possible,” added Tracy. “Empowering our educators is a valuable step in ensuring that Tennessee students have bright futures ahead of them.”


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