Sen. McNally says House, Senate and Governor Haslam have worked together to bring 1,243 jobs and $87.7 million in investment to Anderson County over last 21 months

(NASHVILLE, TN), October 22, 2012  – Senate Finance Committee Chairman Randy McNally (R-Oak Ridge) said today he has received a new report from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development showing 1,243 jobs were created in Anderson County from January 2011-September 2012.  The job creation effort represents a total investment of $87,712,252 in the county during the 21-month period.

McNally, who is also a member of the Senate Fiscal Review Committee and is Chairman of the Joint Council on Pensions and Insurance Committee, said the newest unemployment reports show the unemployment rate in Anderson County is 8.1 for August 2012, as compared to 10.5 in the same month three years ago.

“During the last 21 months, we have enjoyed considerable job growth in Anderson County and have reduced unemployment substantially,” said Senator McNally.  “This is down from the highest recent level of 11.1 percent in June 2009.  I attribute much of this to the aggressive job creation efforts made by Governor Haslam and my House colleague Representative John Ragan.”

McNally said there has been tremendous cooperation between the two houses of the legislature and Governor Haslam to progress toward the state’s goal of making Tennessee the number one location in the Southeast for high quality jobs.  “We have tried to remove onerous regulations on small business and to reform the tort system to bring in more investment to grow jobs, he added.  “That work has paid off for Anderson County as you can see by the new investment in jobs.”

Among job creation initiatives approved in the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions were:
The Tennessee Civil Justice Act of 2011 to provide certainty and predictability for businesses, while ensuring that injured plaintiffs receive all of the economic, quantifiable damages they suffer
The Unemployment Insurance Accountability Act of 2012” to give job creators some much-needed certainty for unemployment compensation rules
Legislation shoring up the state’s right-to-work law
A new law calling for electronic notification to keep businesses or license holders apprised of changes in government regulation and the Small Business Incentives Act to provide entrepreneurs with a “one stop opportunity” to reduce the red tape associated with business expansion and start-ups
A 2011 revision to the state’s workers’ compensation system to put Tennessee in a better competitive situation with neighboring states in regards to the costs of doing business.

“Jobs have been ‘job one’ for Rep. Ragan and myself, our General Assembly, and the Governor,” added McNally.  “Specifically, we have aggressively sought out economic opportunities for expanding businesses to stay and thrive in Tennessee.  Plus, we have placed considerable emphasis on improving education.  Over the long run this will not only give our students more opportunities to succeed, but provides businesses more incentive to locate here because we have the skills they need for their workforce. We must continue this forward progress.”


NOTE TO MEDIA:  The unemployment rate for Anderson County on a month-by-month basis can be found at: County&appSession=473223444561218&RecordID=&PageID=2&PrevPageID=&cpipage=2&CPISortType=&CPIorderBy=


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