Sen. Becky Duncan Massey Appointed to Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee

(NASHVILLE)State Senator Becky Duncan Massey (R-Knoxville) received a new appointment to the Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee, which is one of the most powerful committees in the Tennessee General Assembly. The appointment was made by Lt. Governor Randy McNally as the 110th General Assembly reconvened for the 2018 legislative session.

“Senator Massey is a highly-skilled legislator and a valued member of the Senate,” said Lt. Gov. McNally. “She understands the importance of maintaining our fiscal responsibility and keeping our budget structurally balanced. Her commitment to keeping taxes and debt low will make her a strong asset to the committee.”

The Senate Finance Committee, which holds the purse strings for all state government, has the responsibility of considering all measures relating to taxes and the raising of state revenue. It also has oversight over legislation pertaining to bonds, pensions, investments or indebtedness.

Senator Massey was also reappointed to the Transportation and Safety Committee and the Health and Welfare Committee.

“I am grateful for my new appointment to the Finance Committee, as well as my continued service to the Transportation and Health Committees,” said Senator Massey. “The committee process is extremely important to passing quality legislation, and I am dedicated to working hard for Knox County and Tennessee as I sit on these committees.”


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