Representative Ramsey’s new committee appointment moves the Blount County Lawmaker into a key leadership role in General Assembly says legislative colleagues Overbey and Swann

(NASHVILLE, TN), November 16, 2011 – State Senator Doug Overbey (R-Maryville) and Representative Art Swann (R-Maryville) said today that the recent announcement that Blount County Representative Bob Ramsey will chair the House State and Local Government Committee moves Ramsey into a key leadership role in the Tennessee General Assembly.  The Committee is considered one of the most powerful in the State Legislature.  The Ramsey appointment was made by Speaker of the House of Representatives Beth Harwell earlier this week.

“This is a key leadership position in the Tennessee General Assembly,” said Senator Overbey.  “The legislation that moves through this committee has a direct effect on just about every citizen in Tennessee.  This committee has one of the heaviest loads of legislation in the State House and hears complex matters of great importance on a wide variety of issues.”

“I believe that Speaker Harwell made the best choice in selecting Representative Ramsey,” said Rep. Swann.  “His background in Local Government is probably unparalleled in the General Assembly. This selection will be good for Tennessee and Blount County.”

The State and Local Government Committee hears such matters as local and municipal affairs (forms of local government, powers to tax and raise revenue, local ordinances, local government employees, local government expenditures); cultural affairs; alcoholic beverage taxes and regulations of sale; election laws; holidays and celebrations; military parks and battlefields; museums; preservation of historical markers; private utility districts; public lands; state and public libraries; state government in general; Veteran’s affairs; annexation; and penal and correctional institutions.

Ramsey was elected to two seats formerly held by Senator Overbey in the County Commission and the House of Representatives.

“I congratulate Representative Ramsey on this appointment and know he will do an excellent job as Chairman,” added Overbey.  “I am very proud of his accomplishments and look forward to continuing to see great things from him in the future.”  



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