Pursuant to Public Chapter 323 of the Acts of the 107th General Assembly,  legislation has been passed that requires each voter, whether voting early or on election day, to present a form of identification that bears the name and photograph of the voter beginning January 1, 2012.

What photo ID is acceptable?
a. Valid photo ID includes a Tennessee drivers license,
b. US passport,
c. Department of Safety photo ID card,
d. Photo ID card issued by federal government or other state,
e. US military photo ID
f. Gun permit card with photo ID
What photo ID is NOT acceptable?
a. College photo ID is NOT a valid ID for voting purposes.
b. Non-state or federal governmental issued photo ID. 
Who is exempt?
a. Voters who vote absentee by mail
b. Voters who are residents in a licensed nursing home – voting at the facility. 
c. Voters who are hospitalized

If no photo ID, the voter will vote a provisional ballot, except in case of having a religious objection to being photographed.

If no photo ID, the voter cast a provisional ballot, the voter has two (2) business days to return to the election commission office to show a valid photo ID.

If the voter is over 65 years of age and does not have a photo ID – then the voter can vote absentee ballot by mail.

Pursuant to Public Chapter 423 of the Acts of the 107th General Assembly, legislation has been passed that provides for issuance of photo identification free of charge from the Department of Safety for voting purposes only beginning July 1, 2011.


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