Overbey urges Governor Haslam to Provide State Assistance in Opening Great Smoky Mountains National Park

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) – State Senator Doug Overbey (R-Maryville) sent an urgent request to Governor Bill Haslam today asking him to provide state assistance in reopening the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Overbey represents Blount and Sevier Counties, which depend upon tourism as a large part of their economy, in the Tennessee State Senate.

“It is my great pleasure and privilege to serve the people of the Second Senatorial District,” said Overbey.  “I represent some of the most scenic and visited counties in Tennessee.  The Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s closure has had a severe impact on the small businesses and my constituents in Sevier and Blount Counties.  I respectfully ask that you make every effort to reopen the park.”

“I am confident that Blount County Mayor Ed Mitchell and Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters stand ready to assist you in the endeavor in any way possible,” Overbey added.  “You can be assured of my full support of efforts to reopen the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.” 

Overbey told the Governor he believes the state should do everything we can to lessen the impact of the shutdown on the state’s economy. 

“This is the most important season for our tourism industry in Blount and Sevier Counties,” added Overbey.  “I look forward to hearing from the Governor and moving forward in getting our parks reopened again as soon as possible.”


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