Norris State of Emergency and Guns Bill Passes House

May 7, 2007

State of Emergency and
Passes House

     NASHVILLE, Tenn.A bill by Senate Republican Leader Mark Norris (R-Collierville) passed the House of Representatives unopposed last Monday, April 30.  The bill had been passed by the Senate in late March of this year.  The bill removes the authorization for the Governor to prohibit the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transport, carrying, storage, display, or use of firearms or ammunition during states of emergency, major disaster, or natural disaster.

The need for this law in Tennessee became apparent after the news coverage of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans was aired nationally.  Scenes of rioters taking advantage of the disaster and stories of hostage situations, shootings, and crime sprees were enough to make Norris aware of the possible danger Tennessee citizens could encounter should such a horrific state of affairs come into being in their area.

“Tennessee’s citizens should have the right to keep or buy firearms when a state of emergency is in effect.  When the police force and National Guard are overwhelmed, ordinary citizens need to be able to protect themselves, their property, and their families,” says Norris.  “I would hate to see the terrible crimes that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have a chance of being perpetrated anywhere else, but especially here in Tennessee.”

Making sure that Tennesseans retain their constitutionally given second amendment rights has always been important to Norris.

“I believe Tennesseans deserve the right to protect the lives they have worked hard to build.  This right should not be diminished during times of emergency, the time when these rights are most necessary.”

This legislation will now be forwarded to the Governor for his approval. Upon receiving his signature, it will be placed into law.

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