New website regarding disposition of court cases provide transparency in courts says Judiciary Chairman Beavers

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 (NASHVILLE, TN), October 4, 2010 — Senate Judiciary Chairman Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet) said today that information provided on the Tennessee Office of the Court’s website regarding the disposition of cases provides greater transparency to the public concerning the courts handling of judicial matters.  The Office of the Courts information released earlier this year, marks the first time in Tennessee history that the state’s court system has published statistical information regarding individual judges.

“I am extremely pleased that we are seeing more transparency in our court system,” said Chairman Beavers.  “It’s important for the public to be informed about the judges who preside over their courts.  This information will help voters make better informed decisions.”

Citizens can visit the site at  The form utilized on the website offers citizens an opportunity to enter their judicial district or the judge’s name in order to see the information regarding the disposed case data and number of appeals.  The database provides docket numbers for the cases that have been appealed, and also offers a link to the Website’s searchable opinion database.  That database allows visitors to easily see the appellate court opinions that have been filed for those cases.

“This is definitely a move in the right direction for a more open court process,” continued Beavers.  “The more information that is available to the public regarding our court system, the more confidence our citizens will have in our judiciary.”


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