McNally: Tribute to Corporal Watson – an overwhelming show of respect for a deserving young hero

Statement / from Senator Randy McNally

“As I attended the recent services for Corporal Frankie Watson, who died on September 24 while serving in Afghanistan, I was overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of respect shown by our communities for this local hero.  In times when we hear of apathy, I am pleased to tell you that in East Tennessee there is tremendous respect for those who are willing to pay the ultimate price for our freedom.  I would not want to live anywhere else.

The streets were lined from McGee Tyson Airport to Madisonville, with no space vacant along the route.  Men, women, and many disabled citizens in wheel chairs joined in a solid chain of respect for Corporal Watson and his loved ones.  Children waved little American flags to pay homage to a young man they did not know.  All who gathered to show their respect witnessed a moving tribute to a deserving young man.  It was both inspiring and heart wrenching.
Corporal Watson’s death is a painful reminder of the sacrifices our men and women in the service make, especially during a time of war.  At only 21, Corporal Watson had tremendous potential.  His funeral on Monday was a testament to his bravery, his dedication to the mission and his love of his country.

Corporal Watson stood proud, serving his country with honor.  May the sacrifice he made never be forgotten by a most grateful community.”


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