Local lawmakers Tracy and Marsh are very pleased with SMW Automotive Announcement

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(NASHVILLE, TN), August 27, 2010 — State Senator Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville) and Representative Pat March (R-Shelbyville) said today they are very pleased with the announcement that SMW Automotive will be locating in Shelbyville.  The local lawmakers have been working with state and local officials to help bring the production facility to Bedford County.
“Jobs are ‘priority number one’ as the economy continues to be sluggish and unemployment remains high,” said Senator Tracy.  “We are very pleased that our county will receive 170 much-needed new jobs as a result of this new facility.”
“This announcement shows that Tennessee workers represent quality, pride, integrity, and innovation — things that the world today needs and wants more of,” added Marsh.  “These are our best competitive assets in drawing new jobs to our area.”

Tracy, who is Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee said he will continue to work to ensure transportation needs for the facility. 

“Certainly one of the most important things we can do to draw new jobs is to keep Tennessee a business-friendly state in these difficult financial times,” added Tracy.  “Businesses do not need additional taxation or more burdensome regulations.  We are pro-growth and pro-business state and we must work to keep it that way.”


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