Letter to the Editor / from Senator Crowe

May 21, 2009

Letter to the Editor:

Recently, in a statement release by her Department, the Secretary for Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, made reference to our troops returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; as being in a category that should be considered as a potential risk for being recruited by right wing extremists.

Then, in trying to mitigate this statement, she says that all this was meant to do was give law enforcement what she calls a “situational awareness.”

I just wanted you to know of my disappointment with this statement and its explanation; which leaves me feeling as though she still does really view our veterans as potential threats.

As a veteran myself, and as Senate Chair of our Joint Select Committee on Veterans Affairs; I wanted you to also know that I am very proud of our veterans who, thank goodness, throughout the years, have cared more about our liberty and freedom than they have even their own lives.  It is through their service and sacrifice that we have secured and maintained the very highest levels of freedom.  I certainly cannot speak for the members of the Senate or Congress in Washington, D.C.  However, I am confident that each member of our Tennessee Senate, whether Republican or Democrat are very proud of, and hold our veterans in the highest regard, as I do.

Let me take this opportunity to thank our veterans for all that they have done in the past, and for all that they will continue to do for our great nation in the future.


Senator Rusty Crowe


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