Legislative Delegation Announces Release of Williamson County Fiscal Report

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Members of Williamson County’s legislative delegation came together this week to unveil a fiscal summary of Williamson County’s appropriations from the state budget.


Senator Jack Johnson (R—Franklin), Representative Glen Casada (R—Franklin) and Representative Charles Sargent (R—Franklin) pointed out Williamson County will receive $216.4 million in state-appropriated expenditures for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.


Casada stated, “Williamson County is at the forefront of economic growth in Tennessee and it is encouraging to see these funds allocated in a way that matches our county’s priorities.”


Among the highlights of the fiscal report, prepared by the Office of Legislative Budget Analysis:


·         $117.2 million for K-12 Education.

·         $29.7 million for Health and Social Services.

·         $9.4 million for Law Enforcement, Safety, and Corrections.

·         $3 million for Recreation, Tourism, and Preservation.

·         $4.5 million for Economic Development and Higher Education.

·         $7.4 million for Transportation projects.


“Obviously, over the last two years, we have made education reform and student achievement a priority for the State of Tennessee,” said Johnson. “With it receiving a significant portion of the appropriations for Williamson County, we are ensuring our children and educators receive the support they need to strive for better results in the classroom. I am very pleased with this budget analysis and the state of Williamson County’s fiscal report.”


Sargent added, “Given the fact we are still in the midst of a sluggish economy, this is a robust budget that meets the needs of Williamson County’s citizens. We are fully funding education and ensuring our other priorities receive the support they need while, at the same time, continuing to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars.”


Over the last two years, Republicans in the General Assembly have found areas of waste and cut them from the overall state budget, letting taxpayers realize savings of a billion dollars last year and around $600 million this year.


“We must continue to find areas where taxpayer dollars can be saved,” noted Casada. “I have no doubt you are going to continue seeing leaders from Williamson County ensure that is the case.”






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