(NASHVILLE) — State Senator Bill Ketron (R-Murfreesboro) said today that he is drafting legislation to determine how much refugee resettlement is costing Tennesseans in his continuing effort to give the state greater control over who and how many are placed here by the federal government. Ketron, who said he is adamantly opposed to the federal government placing Syrian refugees in the state, said he was very pleased that Governor Haslam has asked the Obama Administration to halt their resettlement efforts.

“I have been very concerned for many years that what happened in Paris, could happen here because of the lack of transparency and accountability regarding the federal government’s refugee resettlement program,” said Senator Ketron. “I am encouraged that now that others recognize the dangers of this practice that it can be stopped.”

“My proposal is aimed at understanding the costs that Tennessee taxpayers must bear through the federal refugee resettlement program,” he added. “Beyond the urgent public safety concerns, state governments must pay the tab for refugee needs, like healthcare, education, and welfare programs. Currently, we do not collect the data we need to give us that information. This bill is about transparency so that we know the full costs of supporting these refugees that the federal government has thrust upon us.”

Ketron said he expects to present the legislation when the General Assembly returns to Nashville in January.


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