Johnson, Casada announce Small Business Energy Loan Program

January 14, 2008

Johnson, Casada announce Small Business Energy Loan

NASHVILLE – Senator Jack Johnson (R-Brentwood)and Representative Glen Casada (R-Franklin) recentl announced that a small business energy loan has become available through the Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD).

“I am pleased to announce this program to the citizens of our community,” Senator Johnson said. “This program will go a long way in helping meet these energy needs. Making small businesses more energy efficient is important for their economic success as well as the success for our community as a whole.”

The program allows for small businesses within three-star communities to take out loans with zero percent interest. The loans shall be used to upgrade the level of energy efficiency in buildings and plants and to improve manufacturing processes. The program was approved by Commissioner Matthew Kisber and was approved by the Tennessee General Assembly.  Free energy audits are available to help interested companies identify potential sources of energy efficiency. For more information, call the Energy Hotline at

“I would like to invite all small businesses to participate in this loan program as it will be both economically and environmentally beneficial.” Rep. Casada said.

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For more information on the program, please visit, click on “small business” and “small business energy loans.”

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