Jimmy Bedford honored in State Senate

April 11, 2008

Jimmy Bedford honored in State Senate

 (NASHVILLE, TN, April 11, 2008) — Retiring Master Distiller for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Jimmy Bedford, was honored on the floor of the Tennessee Senate on Thursday, as lawmakers congratulated him for his accomplishments.  The resolution was sponsored by Senator Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville) and Representative George Fraley (D-Winchester).

Bedford who served as the Master Distiller for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey for 20 years retired March 31, after 40 years of employment.  The resolution recognized “Bedford’s tireless efforts and for his role in advertising the brand in print and television ads and through public appearances worldwide.”

“Jack Daniel’s is a proud part of the fabric of this State, and Jimmy Bedford has seamlessly built upon its history while guiding the distillery into a new era of prominence,” the resolution read.  “Mr. Bedford exemplifies the spirit and allegiance to family and community that are characteristic of a true Tennessean.”

Tracy said, “I wanted to recognize Jimmy Bedford for what he has done, not only for Jack Daniels — not only for what he has done for Lynchburg and Moore County — but as an ambassador for Tennessee.  He has gone around the world, bringing tremendous tourism to Tennessee.  He is a great citizen to this state.”

Bedford said, “I am not a politician and am not a salesman, but I do have much respect for you, Jim Tracy, and it’s an honor for us to have you in our district.  I do appreciate the opportunity to join you in the State Senate here today, and have the resolution read.”

Representative Fraley, who was also present on the Senate floor said, “It is great for me to be here today at this special event.  I have known Jimmy Bedford for a number of years.  This is a great family and we appreciate the work they have done and their contributions to the community.”

Fraley said he worked with Bedford as a contract officer for the Air Force. Bedford was joined at the event by his wife Emily, and his brother and sister-in-law, Bill and Sandra Jo Bedford.



Emily and Jimmy Bedford, Senator Tracy, Bill and Sandra Jo

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