Beavers and Pody file new changes to Health Care Freedom legislation

NASHVILLE – State Senator Mae Beavers (R–Mt. Juliet) and Representative Mark Pody (R–Lebanon) announced today that changes have been made to legislation which they are introducing to ensure Tennessee has no part in the implementation of Obamacare.  The lawmakers say the redrafted Health Care Freedom and Affordable Care Noncompliance Act continues their efforts to align Tennessee with other states to put the implementation and costs of ObamaCare back on the federal government, but ensures that those who have purchased insurance under the program remain covered.

In summary, the new bill has three major provisions, including:

  • Ensuring no state funding or resources are used to further implement or aid in the function of the federal healthcare exchanges put into place by ObamaCare;
  • Clarifying that anyone currently enrolled in the federal healthcare exchange or anyone who plans to enroll in the federal healthcare exchange in the future can continue and retain that coverage;
  • And clarifying language to allow any insurance agency in the state to also have the ability to participate in the federal healthcare exchange, as long as no state funding is used.
“We have simplified the legislation to the key purpose which is banning state participation,” said Senator Beavers.  “We are a sovereign state.  We have the constitutional authority to refuse to use our state dollars and personnel to implement this disastrous federal law.  We believe the new proposal sets us on firm legal ground and we plan to present it as soon as possible.”

“It’s time that Tennessee says no to assisting the federal government in the implementation of this disastrous program,” said Representative Pody.  “This legislation takes a very strong stand to resist this federal overreach of power, while making sure that those who have purchased insurance are not affected.”


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